Alphabet Series

Alphabet Series


Alphabet Series~

“alph, why you made a new series when that Stage Series hasn’t been updated yet”-_- -Nara (she’s asking me while appearing in front of my face with her sa***o look-alike face)

Awalnya dapat ide saat melihat postingan kok dominansi di huruf T dan S sementara banyak huruf yang sepi post. So I decided to make this series to make another alphabet have -at least- a post.

“How about your stage series?” -Kevin (he’s asking me tooo much-_- ahjussi! :p Kev, sorry but I’m not hearing anything but this one when you’re talking just now :p)

Tenang aja, aku bakal tetep lanjutin series yang itu~ Don’t be worry~

“Castnya? Don’t say Topp Dogg sama Bangtan atau Leo-Kris lagi” -Reim (Long time no talking with this buddy but when he talk to me after a long time he only take care about my idol, not my condition-_- tsk)

No~ Aku lupa bilang sebelumnya hehe. Aku juga bakal ngurangin cast yang sering aku pake itu (aku juga bosen-_-) jadi butuh ide cast aduh tolong-_____————

They’re exactly keep asking me about this-_- Why should I have 3 friends like you, guys-_- Stop it, ok-_-


So please anticipate this series!^^


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