#Tantsdaily Changing Theme!


So basically I just change the theme of my wp account and blog. Since I’ve been admiring Neverland and galaxies for a looooooong time,  I decided to change the whole with galaxy and Neverland theme.

As you can see, my whole blog design is fill up with galaxy. I know it’s aesthetic era and galaxy-unicorn-whateva is so old year but back again, I love galaxies.

   Be yourself = greatness

Before this design, I put “I’m on the top, I’m the number one” theme which showing the irrogant and chic me /yeah, in real life I do like that/. But as I’m getting older, I want to be a little bit calm (since I’m 17 now, I should’ve change my self for a better future.

And there is the new theme –Neverland! –with some help of galaxies–

In the past theme, I always used dark and fierce colour like navy, dark green, black, and red. But now I use pastel colour since it’s suit with the new theme. I’m in love with baby blue now! ❤

The tagline (the one that is written on the home) -day dream and eternity- describe the Neverland concept. Since Neverland is an imagination only (I wish it does exist TT-TT) and you could be forever young there, I put the words ‘day dream and eternity’ which mean ‘when you are day dreaming, you can be livin’ at Neverland and be eternally young.’

simple reason why I put Neverland theme /beside the fact that I adore it/ is you can be you there. You can believe with all those fairy tales.

Neverland does exist, between the reality and your dream. Neverland is a place you could imagine wherever and whenever. And for me, my Neverland is here in a world where I can be my self and be forever young. And yes, the real me is livin’ here. Like what I wrote before as the tagline ‘lemme show you the real me’, the real me is here, at my own Neverland.


p.s I’ll be using english languange here a lot for practice -fan/fiction excluded since I’m not a grammar master.

p.s (2) Don’t worry, I’m not gonna use so much colour on my text next time ‘-‘

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