#TantsDaily of Bae and J

So hi.


It kinda weird -I feel weird. Because I came back and unknowingly, suddenly, unexpectedly, announcing about something like this. It isn’t bad thing anyway.

And… to start this #tantsdaily, I would recommend you to read this before-hand, since I’m going to talk about it a little bit.

So, as what I wrote there, I was happening to had a losing. A deep losing that made me -like- lost my world too. At that times, I thought it would really hard for me to believe in love, or start something new (like relationship or somewhat).

But then….

Someone came to my life. Kinda late to realize, and I always regret the time when I didn’t know him.

Let’s say he’s Joker, because he really like Joker in Batman.

He’s psycho. Bad boy. Player. He is far from normal and good standard. He is far far far far far from it.

But I found him…like he’s another me. A reflection in the mirror. He’s completely like me. He somehow really turns my world differently.

And he makes me want to taste love one more time.

I love him.

For sure.

For the way he heals me -heals all the pain, all the scars.

For the way he makes me smile -when all I wanna do just hurting myself, losing another me, losing another blood.

For the way he loves me, the way he kisses me, the way he hugs me, the way he makes me important in his life, the way he makes me sure that he loves me too -that I’m really needed in his life.

Many people who sees us always says that “Your relationship kinda abusive. You fine?”

Yes, I’m fine.

Yes, he do abuse me, like pulls my hair, or tie my hands, or even chokes me.

But he… I’m not in his side but what he do is what I asked. I love it.

Maybe I kinda masochist-sadistic person.

I don’t know.


But behind it all, he do take care of me. He never really hurt me anyway. And eventho he ain’t as romantic as the other, but he’s so humorist. He loves to make jokes that could make me laugh unstop-able. Even thought of him could make me ended up with a smile on my face.

And I really love him. I do really love him.


(P.S thank you for making me believe in love again. Happy 4 months, Babe ❤ )


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