There was.

they says,

A good girl deserves a good boy, and so the reverse.

A bad girl deserves a bad boy, and so the reverse as well.

Maybe that’s why she gets all the bad boy to be her lover

Because she is the bad girl who hides her true self.


there was a moment

when she found a boy

making she fell so hard

he was so handsome, and smart

-smart enough to break her heart



there was 2 boys

making her fall in love

treated her so special

and she believed it

but they had affair with other girl



there was a night

where he calmed her,

drove miles just for her smile

then cage her so she could see no boy

other boy than him



there was a night

in a small, bright room

as she afraid to dark and to be alive

he came to save this young girl life

then he died, leaving this girl drown much more



there was a day

where she saw someone

as crazy as her self

she loved to be crazy with other crazy boy

but he abused this crazy girl to death



there was a week

he found her, calling her angel

she thought perhaps

it would be the right boy to fall

but it only her looks that matter



there is a woman

a grown up woman

tired for all the stupid love

and choose to love someone, forever



as herself never break her like how others did

until that naive, young girl died inside.


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